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they are very pretty just socks you know... don't sweat the cast on. Of course, I always use a long tail cast on. Then again, I would need directions for anything else....
How go the wedding plans anyway?


"Why am I such a neurotic freak?"

That, madam, is because you went to grad school at the U of T. I'm pretty sure that's the right answer. Now I have to go overanalyze, wallow in insecurity, and then come up with a more complicated way to say it. Maybe I'll make a figure.


a figure!! lisa may be onto something.

really, you can blame it on me in a different way, if you want allison guy -- since i am monopolizing your YH book, there's no possible way you could read it. so clearly it's not your fault. :)

and frankly, i have no problems with any of the socks you've ever knitted for me before. so these ones should be just fine. try them on and if you hate them, (a) give them away or (b) do that unravelling thing.

ps -- longest comment ever, i should just send you an email -- i have a yarn question to ask you offline.


Hey I forget to check your site for a couple of weeks and what do you know, I missed so much! Anyway, my knitting teacher likes an extra long ribbing at the top---like at least 2x as long as the pattern ribbing calls for---so the socks stay up. Hope that doesn't freak you out more about knitting socks. Anyway I love the colors in those and you are such a fantastic knitter I am sure they will be great. I am feeling guilty. I did knit Nicole (Pierce's girlfriend) a scarf on the train to NYC. Otherwise those xmas sweaters are still untouched and before you know it, it will be too late. These long projects really get me down! From now on I am knitting dishcloths, hats and scarves!

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